The Synergistic Role of Sulfuric Acid, Bases, and Oxidized Organics Governing New-Particle Formation in Beijing

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Yan , C , Yin , R , Lu , Y , Dada , L , Yang , D , Fu , Y , Kontkanen , J , Deng , C , Garmash , O , Ruan , J , Baalbaki , R , Schervish , M , Cai , R , Bloss , M , Chan , T , Chen , T , Chen , Q , Chen , X , Chen , Y , Chu , B , Dällenbach , K , Foreback , B , He , X , Heikkinen , L , Jokinen , T , Junninen , H , Kangasluoma , J , Kokkonen , T , Kurppa , M , Lehtipalo , K , Li , H , Li , H , Li , X , Liu , Y , Ma , Q , Paasonen , P , Rantala , P , Pileci , R E , Rusanen , A , Sarnela , N , Simonen , P , Wang , S , Wang , W , Wang , Y , Xue , M , Yang , G , Yao , L , Zhou , Y , Kujansuu , J , Petäjä , T , Nie , W , Ma , Y , Ge , M , He , H , Donahue , N M , Worsnop , D R , Kerminen , V-M , Wang , L , Liu , Y , Zheng , J , Kulmala , M , Jiang , J & Bianchi , F 2021 , ' The Synergistic Role of Sulfuric Acid, Bases, and Oxidized Organics Governing New-Particle Formation in Beijing ' , Geophysical Research Letters , vol. 48 , no. 7 , ARTN e2020GL091944 .

Title: The Synergistic Role of Sulfuric Acid, Bases, and Oxidized Organics Governing New-Particle Formation in Beijing
Author: Yan, Chao; Yin, Rujing; Lu, Yiqun; Dada, Lubna; Yang, Dongsen; Fu, Yueyun; Kontkanen, Jenni; Deng, Chenjuan; Garmash, Olga; Ruan, Jiaxin; Baalbaki, Rima; Schervish, Meredith; Cai, Runlong; Bloss, Matthew; Chan, Tommy; Chen, Tianzeng; Chen, Qi; Chen, Xuemeng; Chen, Yan; Chu, Biwu; Dällenbach, Kaspar; Foreback, Benjamin; He, Xucheng; Heikkinen, Liine; Jokinen, Tuija; Junninen, Heikki; Kangasluoma, Juha; Kokkonen, Tom; Kurppa, Mona; Lehtipalo, Katrianne; Li, Haiyan; Li, Hui; Li, Xiaoxiao; Liu, Yiliang; Ma, Qingxin; Paasonen, Pauli; Rantala, Pekka; Pileci, Rosaria E.; Rusanen, Anton; Sarnela, Nina; Simonen, Pauli; Wang, Shixian; Wang, Weigang; Wang, Yonghong; Xue, Mo; Yang, Gan; Yao, Lei; Zhou, Ying; Kujansuu, Joni; Petäjä, Tuukka; Nie, Wei; Ma, Yan; Ge, Maofa; He, Hong; Donahue, Neil M.; Worsnop, Douglas R.; Kerminen, Veli-Matti; Wang, Lin; Liu, Yongchun; Zheng, Jun; Kulmala, Markku; Jiang, Jingkun; Bianchi, Federico
Contributor organization: Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR)
Air quality research group
Aerosol-Cloud-Climate -Interactions (ACCI)
INAR Physics
Polar and arctic atmospheric research (PANDA)
Urban meteorology
Global Atmosphere-Earth surface feedbacks
Faculty of Science
Date: 2021-04-16
Language: eng
Number of pages: 12
Belongs to series: Geophysical Research Letters
ISSN: 0094-8276
Abstract: Intense and frequent new particle formation (NPF) events have been observed in polluted urban environments, yet the dominant mechanisms are still under debate. To understand the key species and governing processes of NPF in polluted urban environments, we conducted comprehensive measurements in downtown Beijing during January-March, 2018. We performed detailed analyses on sulfuric acid cluster composition and budget, as well as the chemical and physical properties of oxidized organic molecules (OOMs). Our results demonstrate that the fast clustering of sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and base molecules triggered the NPF events, and OOMs further helped grow the newly formed particles toward climate- and health-relevant sizes. This synergistic role of H2SO4, base species, and OOMs in NPF is likely representative of polluted urban environments where abundant H2SO4 and base species usually co-exist, and OOMs are with moderately low volatility when produced under high NOx concentrations.
Subject: atmospheric particles
new particle formation
oxygenated organic molecules
sulfuric acid
114 Physical sciences
Peer reviewed: Yes
Rights: cc_by
Usage restriction: openAccess
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