Aging and non-native speech perception : A phonetic training study

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Tamminen , H , Kujala , T , Näätänen , R & Peltola , M S 2021 , ' Aging and non-native speech perception : A phonetic training study ' , Neuroscience Letters , vol. 740 , 135430 .

Titel: Aging and non-native speech perception : A phonetic training study
Författare: Tamminen, Henna; Kujala, Teija; Näätänen, Risto; Peltola, Maija S.
Upphovmannens organisation: Department of Psychology and Logopedics
Behavioural Sciences
Cognitive Brain Research Unit
Mind and Matter
Datum: 2021-01-01
Språk: eng
Sidantal: 5
Tillhör serie: Neuroscience Letters
ISSN: 0304-3940
Permanenta länken (URI):
Abstrakt: Cognitive decline is evident in the elderly and it affects speech perception and foreign language learning. A listen-and-repeat training with a challenging speech sound contrast was earlier found to be effective in young monolingual adults and even in advanced L2 university students at the attentive and pre-attentive levels. This study investigates foreign language speech perception in the elderly with the same protocol used with the young adults. Training effects were measured with attentive behavioural measures (N = 9) and with electroencephalography measuring the pre-attentive mismatch negativity (MMN) response (N = 10). Training was effective in identification, but not in discrimination and there were no changes in the MMN. The most attention demanding perceptual functions which benefit from experience-based linguistic knowledge were facilitated through training, whereas pre-attentive processing was unaffected. The elderly would probably benefit from different training types compared to younger adults.
Subject: Training
Speech perception
Phonological processing
Mismatch negativity (MMN)
515 Psychology
6162 Cognitive science
Referentgranskad: Ja
Licens: cc_by_nc_nd
Användningsbegränsning: openAccess
Parallelpublicerad version: acceptedVersion

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