Reconfigurations in sustainability transitions : a systematic and critical review

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Senja Laakso, Riikka Aro, Eva Heiskanen & Minna Kaljonen (2021) Reconfigurations in sustainability transitions: a systematic and critical review, Sustainability: Science, Practice and Policy, 17:1, 15-31.

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Title: Reconfigurations in sustainability transitions : a systematic and critical review
Author: Laakso, Senja; Aro, Riikka; Heiskanen, Eva; Kaljonen, Minna
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Online
Date: 2020
Language: eng
Belongs to series: Sustainability: Science, Practice and Policy 17 1 (2020)
ISSN: 1548-7733
Abstract: Two streams of literature have become especially prominent in understanding social change toward sustainability within the past decades: the research on socio-technical transitions and applications of social practice theory. The aim of this article is to contribute to efforts to create dialogue between these two approaches. We do this by focusing on the concept of reconfiguration, which has become a much-used, but poorly defined notion in the discussion on sustainability transitions. To understand what is defined as reconfiguration in systems and practices, and how the understanding of reconfiguration in regimes could benefit from insights about reconfiguration in practices, we conducted a systematic and critical literature review of 43 journal articles. The findings showed a trend toward a focus on whole-system reconfiguration and interlinked dynamics between practices of production and consumption. However, our study suggests that a less hierarchical understanding of transitions utilizing insights from practice theory might be fruitful. Future research on sustainability transitions could benefit from addressing the tensions between and within niche and regime practices; the dynamics maintaining and challenging social and cultural norms; the efforts in creating new normalities and in recruiting actors in practices; and investigating the different roles the various actors play in these practices.
Subject: socio-technical transitions
multi-level perspective
social practice theory
systematic literature review
sustainability transition
critical review
journal articles
journal article review
niche practices
regime practices
social norms
cultural norms
social and cultural norms
creating new normalities
recruiting actors in practices
investigating different roles
Subject (ysa): sosioekonominen siirtymä
monitasoinen perspektiivi
sosiaalisen käytännön teoria
systemaattinen kirjallisuuskatsaus
kestävä siirtymä
kriittinen arviointi
tieteellisten lehtien artikkelit
tieteellisten lehtien artikkelien katsaus
sosiaaliset normit
kulttuuriset normit
sosiaaliset ja kulttuuriset normit
uusien normien luominen
uusien toimijoiden hankkiminen
erilaisten roolien tarkastelu
Rights: CC BY 4.0
Usage restriction: openAccess

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