The Boreal-Arctic Wetland and Lake Dataset (BAWLD)

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Olefeldt , D , Hovemyr , M , Kuhn , M A , Bastviken , D , Bohn , T J , Connolly , J , Crill , P , Euskirchen , E S , Finkelstein , S A , Genet , H , Grosse , G , Harris , L , Heffernan , L , Helbig , M , Hugelius , G , Hutchins , R , Juutinen , S , Lara , M J , Malhotra , A , Manies , K , McGuire , A D , Natali , S M , O'Donnell , J A , Parmentier , F-J W , Raesaenen , A , Schaedel , C , Sonnentag , O , Strack , M , Tank , S E , Treat , C , Varner , R K , Virtanen , T , Warren , R K & Watts , J D 2021 , ' The Boreal-Arctic Wetland and Lake Dataset (BAWLD) ' , Earth system science data , vol. 13 , no. 11 , pp. 5127-5149 .

Title: The Boreal-Arctic Wetland and Lake Dataset (BAWLD)
Author: Olefeldt, David; Hovemyr, Mikael; Kuhn, McKenzie A.; Bastviken, David; Bohn, Theodore J.; Connolly, John; Crill, Patrick; Euskirchen, Eugenie S.; Finkelstein, Sarah A.; Genet, Helene; Grosse, Guido; Harris, Lorna; Heffernan, Liam; Helbig, Manuel; Hugelius, Gustaf; Hutchins, Ryan; Juutinen, Sari; Lara, Mark J.; Malhotra, Avni; Manies, Kristen; McGuire, A. David; Natali, Susan M.; O'Donnell, Jonathan A.; Parmentier, Frans-Jan W.; Raesaenen, Aleksi; Schaedel, Christina; Sonnentag, Oliver; Strack, Maria; Tank, Suzanne E.; Treat, Claire; Varner, Ruth K.; Virtanen, Tarmo; Warren, Rebecca K.; Watts, Jennifer D.
Other contributor: University of Helsinki, Department of Forest Sciences
University of Helsinki, Ecosystems and Environment Research Programme

Date: 2021-11-05
Language: eng
Number of pages: 23
Belongs to series: Earth system science data
ISSN: 1866-3508
Abstract: Methane emissions from boreal and arctic wetlands, lakes, and rivers are expected to increase in response to warming and associated permafrost thaw. However, the lack of appropriate land cover datasets for scaling field-measured methane emissions to circumpolar scales has contributed to a large uncertainty for our understanding of present-day and future methane emissions. Here we present the BorealArctic Wetland and Lake Dataset (BAWLD), a land cover dataset based on an expert assessment, extrapolated using random forest modelling from available spatial datasets of climate, topography, soils, permafrost conditions, vegetation, wetlands, and surface water extents and dynamics. In BAWLD, we estimate the fractional coverage of five wetland, seven lake, and three river classes within 0.5 x 0.5 degrees grid cells that cover the northern boreal and tundra biomes (17 % of the global land surface). Land cover classes were defined using criteria that ensured distinct methane emissions among classes, as indicated by a co-developed comprehensive dataset of methane flux observations. In BAWLD, wetlands occupied 3.2 x 10(6) km(2) (14 % of domain) with a 95 % confidence interval between 2.8 and 3.8 x 10(6) km(2). Bog, fen, and permafrost bog were the most abundant wetland classes, covering similar to 28 % each of the total wetland area, while the highest-methane-emitting marsh and tundra wetland classes occupied 5 % and 12 %, respectively. Lakes, defined to include all lentic open-water ecosystems regardless of size, covered 1.4 x 10(6) km(2) (6 % of domain). Low-methane-emitting large lakes (>10 km(2)) and glacial lakes jointly represented 78 % of the total lake area, while high-emitting peatland and yedoma lakes covered 18 % and 4 %, respectively. Small (
1171 Geosciences

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