Calibration of Thermal Dissipation Probes for Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)

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Alla, F.; Jdaini, K.; M’hamdi, H.; Mechchate, H.; AlZain, M.N.; Alzamel, N.M.; Noman, O.; Mimouni, J.; Elhoumaizi, M.A. Calibration of Thermal Dissipation Probes for Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.). Horticulturae 2022, 8, 107.

Title: Calibration of Thermal Dissipation Probes for Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)
Author: Alla, Fouzia; Jdaini, Kawtar; M’hamdi, Hanane; Mechchate, Hamza; AlZain, Mashail N.; Alzamel, Nurah M.; Noman, Omar; Mimouni, Jamal; Elhoumaizi, Mohammed Aziz
Publisher: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
Date: 2022-01-25
Abstract: The quantification of water flow through the stem is vital for date palm (<i>Phoenix dactylifera</i> L.) to promote a good water stress management. The thermal dissipation probe (TDP) method developed by Granier is widely used to evaluate transpiration of forest trees; however, there are contradictory reports regarding its reliability. Considerable errors in estimated sap flux density, which might be due to a lack ofspecies-specific calibrations. The TDP method uses a mathematical model that is based on an empirical equation to estimate sap flux density, which is claimed to be applicable to all tree species, independently of wood structure and anatomy. At the laboratory, we compared the rate of water uptake by cut stems with sap flux estimates derived from the TDP method to assess the validity of the method.Our calibration results were considerably different compared to the Granier&rsquo;s original equation. Moreover, sap flux density was overestimated by 18.2 &plusmn; 0.5% when the original calibration parameters of Granierare employed. However, using new calibration parameters improved the accuracy of sap flow measurements. Our results indicated that it is not appropriate to use a general equation for different species. Therefore, previous estimations of date palm&rsquo;s water requirement through thermal dissipation probes should be revised.

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