Monitoring of Geomagnetic and Telluric Field Disturbances in the Russian Arctic

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Titel: Monitoring of Geomagnetic and Telluric Field Disturbances in the Russian Arctic
Författare: Kozyreva, Olga V.; Pilipenko, Vyacheslav A.; Marshalko, Elena E.; Sokolova, Elena Yu.; Dobrovolsky, Mikhail N.
Upphovmannens organisation: Ilmatieteen laitos
Finnish Meteorological Institute
Utgivare: MDPI AG
Datum: 2022
Språk: en
Tillhör serie: Applied sciences
ISSN: 2076-3417
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Abstrakt: The influence of space factors on technological systems in the Arctic (power transmission lines, oil/gas pipelines) has become critically important. To examine in depth these effects, an archive of digital 1 min data from Soviet/Russian magnetic stations deployed along the Arctic coast was created, starting from 1983 to the present. All data from various sources were converted to daily files in standard IAGA-2002 format and supplemented with quick-look magnetograms. Some of these data are included already in the existing world magnetic field databases, but not all. Examples of disturbances known to excite intense geomagnetically induced currents in power transmission lines were presented: irregular Pi3 pulsations and magnetic perturbation events. The database was augmented with the global 3D model of the Earth’s conductivity structure. The given example showed how the combined usage of the geomagnetic field database and the conductivity model enables one to synthesize the geoelectric field response to geomagnetic variations, and to assess the distortions of the pipeline-soil potential. To determine regions most susceptible to geomagnetic hazard, a map with normalized telluric fields was created for a uniform sinusoidally varying magnetic disturbance. This map showed that the largest electrotelluric potentials and field are induced in regions with a high resistivity (e.g., Kola Peninsula and Ural Mountains). This database can be also a useful support for space missions in the magnetosphere. The database is publicly available on the anonymous FTP site.
Subject: magnetic stations
ULF pulsations
geophysical databases
geomagnetically induced currents
telluric fields
Licens: CC BY 4.0

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