Make carbon footprints available – And it is not just one value

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Ari Nissinen, Jyri Seppälä, Tero Heinonen. Make carbon footprints available – And it is not just one value. Cleaner Logistics and Supply Chain 3 (2022), 100023, ISSN 2772-3909.

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Nissinen, Seppä ... is not just one value.pdf 382.7Kb PDF Granska/Öppna
Titel: Make carbon footprints available – And it is not just one value
Författare: Nissinen, Ari; Seppälä, Jyri; Heinonen, Tero
Upphovmannens organisation: Suomen ympäristökeskus
The Finnish Environment Institute
Utgivare: Elsevier Ltd.
Datum: 2022
Språk: en
Tillhör serie: Cleaner logistics and supply chain
ISSN: 2772-3909
Permanenta länken (URI):
Abstrakt: The carbon footprint (CF) should finally have a role in the decision-making of manufacturing companies, retailers, public procurers and consumers. We consider that more systematic approaches are urgently needed for collecting, storing and presenting carbon footprint information. The key issue from the standpoint of reliability and comparability is to recognise how each CF was determined and how it has been verified. Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and the connected barcode symbol can be used to identify products. We propose that the presented framework can help to build databases which are easy to use for the manufacturers, retailers and various service providers and which can increase the production and usability of CF information.
Subject: kansainvälinen kauppa
carbon footprint
Global Trade Item Number
Licens: CC BY 4.0

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