The Quest for Well-being in Growth Industries 3: Portraits of Practice

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Title: The Quest for Well-being in Growth Industries 3: Portraits of Practice
Author: Niemistö, Charlotta; Hearn, Jeff; Tallberg, Teemu; Niemi, Hertta; Gripenberg, Pernilla; Jyrkinen, Marjut; McKie, Linda
Belongs to series: 560
ISSN: 2242-7082
ISBN: 978-952-232-167-1
Abstract: This working paper reports the ongoing research conducted in the research project, The Quest for Well-being in Growth Industries: A Collaborative Study in Finland and Scotland, under the auspices of Academy of Finland research programme, The Future of Work and Well-being. The research project examines the contradictory pressures for policies and practices towards both the inhibition and the enhancement of work-related well-being that are likely in growth industries. The overall aim is to evaluate the development, implementation and use of work-related well-being policies and practices in four selected growth industries. These – electronics, care, finance and accounting, and tourism – have been selected on the basis of EU and national forecasts, and demographic and socio-economic trends in standard and non-standard employment. Following an earlier survey of 127 employing organisations on questions of growth and well-being, in this working paper we present the initial results of the qualitative phase of the project. This phase comprised ‘portraits of practice’ in nine case companies, selected on the basis of some of the quantitative analysis of the survey, with interviews, ‘mini-ethnographies’, and other data and documents received from the organisations. The working paper concludes with discussion of methodological issues across the quantitative and qualitative phases of the project.
Date: 2012-06-28
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