The Research Data Pilot Project at the Helsinki University Library

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Roos , A & Siipilehto , L 2012 , The Research Data Pilot Project at the Helsinki University Library . in Unknown host publication . LIBER 41th Conference, Mobilising the konwledge ecology for Europe , Tartto , Estonia , 26/06/2012 . < >

Titel: The Research Data Pilot Project at the Helsinki University Library
Författare: Roos, Annikki; Siipilehto, Liisa
Upphovmannens organisation: Terkko - Meilahden kampuskirjasto
Viikin kampuskirjasto
Datum: 2012-06-26
Språk: eng
Sidantal: 1
Tillhör serie: Unknown host publication
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Abstrakt: Annikki Roos, Liisa Siipilehto, Helsinki University Library (Finland) Should Libraries Provide Support for Research Data Management? The Results of a Research Data Pilot Project at the Helsinki University Library Background Background for this project has been the broad discussion at institutional, national and global level about the openness and sharing of research data. This debate has launched a need to highlight the data policy at the institutional level, and to try to find ways to create good practices in managing the growing amount of research data. In this project research data was understood as digital information used in scientific, engineering, and medical research as inputs to generate research conclusions (comp. Kleppner 2010). Objectives The aim of this pilot project has been to model the present practices and problems related to the management of the research data as a part of the research work. The main objective for the library has been to gather information and learn about research data and processes related to it. There was a need to understand the current state of the affairs at the University of Helsinki, to find out the main actors institutionally, nationally and internationally and define their roles in the process. One of the central issues has been to uncover if and in which way the library could contribute to the data management process. Methods We started by modeling the problem area related to research data. After that appeared the hunt of a suitable research group, which would be interested to collaborate with us. Various interested groups appeared. We chose a group, which had international collaborators and a very varied data. Interviews, meetings and seminars with the members of this group were the methods we have used to gather information. Results The results from this pilot will be presented in this poster. We will report the problems researchers experienced in relation to the research data management as well as the answers we were able to give during the pilot. At the end we will answer the question introduced in the title and base the answer to the results and experiences of the pilot. Annikki Roos - Library Director (08/2011-) Helsinki University Library/Meilahti Campus Library Terkko. Helsinki, Finland Liisa Siipilehto - Project manager(01/2011-) Helsinki University Library/Viikki Campus Library. Helsinki, Finland
Subject: 113 Computer and information sciences
research data management
Användningsbegränsning: openAccess
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