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Pricing Principles used by Scholarly Open Access Publishers

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Titel: Pricing Principles used by Scholarly Open Access Publishers
Author: Björk, Bo-Christer; Solomon, David
Medarbetare: Hanken School of Economics, Information Systems Science, Helsinki
Citation: Björk , B-C & Solomon , D 2012 , ' Pricing Principles used by Scholarly Open Access Publishers ' Learned Publishing , vol 25 , no. 2 , pp. 132-137 . , 10.1087/20120207
Tillhör serie: Learned Publishing
ISSN: 0953-1513
Abstrakt: The article processing charge (APC) is currently the primary method of funding Open Access peer reviewed journals. The pricing principles of 77 OA publishers publishing over 1000 journals using APCs were studied and classified. The most common method is the fixed single fee, which can either be the same for all of a publisher’s journals or individually determined for each journal. Fees are usually only levied for publication of accepted papers, but there are some journals that also charge for submission. Instead of fixed prices many publishers charge by the page or have multi-tiered fees depending on the length of articles. The country of origin of the author can also influence the pricing, in order to facilitate publishing for authors from developing countries.
Peer review status: Peer reviewed
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Datum: 2012

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