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Cognition, the implicate order and rainforest realism

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Title: Cognition, the implicate order and rainforest realism
Author: Pylkkänen, Paavo
Citation: Pylkkänen , P 2012 , ' Cognition, the implicate order and rainforest realism ' , Futura , vol 31 , no. 2/2012 , pp. 74-83 .
Belongs to series: Futura
ISSN: 0785-5494
Abstract: It is my proposal that future cognitive science needs to be developed in the context of a general scientific world-view that is based upon contemporary physics. It is within such a general world-view that the special sciences studying the mind (psychology, AI, neuroscience etc.) need to find their proper place, and will hopefully find new avenues for progress when doing so. One research programme that has attempted to articulate such a new world-view is due to the physicists David Bohm and Basil Hiley. They have developed both a general “implicate order” framework as well as a more specific “ontological interpretation” of quantum theory. Both schemes involve radically new ideas and concepts, which also promise to open up new possibilities for understanding the place of cognition and consciousness in nature. Within philosophy, a particularly intense attempt to develop a new world-view based on contemporary physics has recently been made by James Ladyman and Don Ross. In this article I will briefly describe some key features of these research programmes and sketch tentatively how they might change our picture of cognition in the future.
Peer review status: Peer reviewed
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10138/37374
Date: 2012-06

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