Experimentation with Wireless Broadband Traffic Behaviour in WiBrA Project

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Title: Experimentation with Wireless Broadband Traffic Behaviour in WiBrA Project
Author: Järvinen, Ilpo; Chemmagate, Binoy; Ding, Aaron Yi; Daniel, Laila; Kojo, Markku
Publisher: University of Helsinki, Department of Computer Science
Date: 2012
Belongs to series: Department of Computer Science, Series of Publications C, C-2012-19
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10138/38192
Abstract: This experimental study analyzes the effects of larger TCP initial window on competing interactive media and Web traffic in a larger number of cellular access configurations. In addition, we analyze the effect of shorter initial RTO on TCP performance in cellular access configurations. Both simulation and real network experiments were conducted. The initial window of ten segments reduces TCP elapsed times when the number of flows is small enough, however, with large number of flows it introduces losses that require TCP timeout. The initial RTO change from three to one second improves elapsed time in limited number of configurations, but in other cellular configurations spurious timeouts trigger almost alway during TCP three-way handshake due to the lower timeout.

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