Hanken Newsletter 4-2011

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Titel: Hanken Newsletter 4-2011
Utgivare: Hanken School of Economics
Datum: 2013-04-19
Språk: en
Permanenta länken (URI): http://hdl.handle.net/10138/38895
Abstrakt: Hanken defines itself as a research-based business school. Our focus is on high-quality international research, typically evidenced through publications in refereed, high Impact Factor journals. The competition in international research is tough, and the tools are limited: it is all about your faculty, and its incentives and possibilities for research. Lately we have seen a strengthening of the incentives to publish in top journals. Also in the recruiting new faculty, research quality has been in focus. Now we can see some of the fruit of our labours. During an accreditation visit to Hanken, we could present a list of our publications where our faculties have contributed. The list included top journals such as the American Economic Review, the Academy of Management Review, and the Journal of Financial Economics. According to the crude measure of refereed international publications per faculty, used by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Hanken has annually improved its score, scoring highest in 2010 among all universities with business education in Finland. We are happy for our current successes, but hopefully only in the beginning of the process towards an even higher research quality.

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