Data to the Hungarian insect fauna of European mistletoe (Viscum album)

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Varga , I , Keresztes , B & Poczai , P 2012 , ' Data to the Hungarian insect fauna of European mistletoe (Viscum album) ' , Növényvédelem , vol. 48 , no. 4 , pp. 153-164 .

Title: Data to the Hungarian insect fauna of European mistletoe (Viscum album)
Alternative title: Adatok a fehér fagyöngy (Viscum album) hazai rovar faunájához
Author: Varga, Ildiko; Keresztes, Balázs; Poczai, Péter
Contributor organization: Biovetenskaper
Date: 2012
Language: hun
Belongs to series: Növényvédelem
ISSN: 0133-0829
Abstract: The European mistletoe (Viscum album) is an evergreen, perennial, epiphytic, hemiparasitic shrub, which is widely distributed in Europe. Its occurrence induces extremely sensitive health of host trees further contributing to the phenomenon of forest decline spiral. Besides mechanical pruning a hyperparasitic fungus (Phaeobotryosphaeria visci) could be a successful candidate to develop an effective biocontrol agent against V. album. We were extensively aware of the insect community of European mistletoe in light of finding another potential agent. We collected and identified 22 insect species (4 Sternorrhyncha, 5 Heteroptera, 5 Coleoptera, 5 Hymenoptera, 2 Lepidoptera, 1 Diptera) from which eight are specialists restricted only to European mistletoe (Cacopsylla visci, Carulaspis visci, Hypseloecus visci, Pinalitus viscicola, Ixapion variegatum, Liparthrum bartschti, Synanthedon loranthi, Celypha woodiana). Species associations with this plant are reported here for the first time for two Heteroptera (Campyloneura virgula, Pentatoma rufipes), one Coleoptera (Sericoderus lateralis), one ant species (Lasius brunnes) as well as for an aphid belonging to the Aphis fabae sensu stricto group, respectively. Species assotiation with this plant is reported for the first time in Hungary for the Leptophloeus hypobori species. Based on our observations and literature review only the mass occurrence of different pests would have the potential to effectively control this hemiparasite. From the pests of the green plant parts the mistletoe associated psyllid (Cacopsylla visi), mistletoe scale (Carulaspis visci) and the mistletoe bug, Hypseloecus visci, while from the pests of the woody parts a clearwing moth, Synanthedon loranthi and a bark beetle, Liparthrum bartschti look perspective in light if biological control.
Subject: 119 Other natural sciences
Viscum album
Ixapion variegatum
biological control
Peer reviewed: Yes
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