PRME Report 2009-2010

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Titel: PRME Report 2009-2010
Utgivare: Hanken School of Economics
Datum: 2013-06-13
Språk: en
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Abstrakt: Today’s business environment is increasingly competitive. The internet revolution has made it extremely easy for the consumer to compare between alternative products and services, and to order them not only from the local producer, but also from far away located global producers. Within the European Union, the free movement of goods and services has emphasized this development. At the same time, the increased sophistication and wealth of the consumer has often increasingly moved focus from price to other aspects of the product or service. These other aspects include quality in a broad sense, as well as ethical and environmental aspects of the product and the production process. For western firms, who typically are at a cost disadvantage compared to emerging markets, these other aspects of the product provide a way to distinguish themselves from competitors. The above described process is an example of the channels through which, in a market economy, consumers’ ethical and environmental values influence firms and become an important part of the values and business concepts also for the firms. Hanken School of Economics strives at excellence in research and teaching. Our students are increasingly international, and their future working careers are likely to take them abroad. We strive for responsible management education, and therefore include ethics and corporate responsibility issues in our curriculum, as well as conduct research in these areas. Therefore it was a natural step for Hanken to want to implement PRME in our own organization. We are very happy with the steps taken on this road towards a more systematic focus on values of global social responsibility, and how they are reflected in our education, research, as well as daily life. We are a small, transparent institution were respect, cooperation and equality are emphasized as components of a responsible environment. Sustainable development is not only on issue in research and education, we have now also implemented issues of it in our own daily “office” life through actions needed for WWF’s Green Office certificate, which was obtained in 2010. Recently, also our research output dealing with social responsibility issues has boosted. We definitely want to stay on this road.

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