Adaptation to climate change in the transport sector. FINADAPT Working Paper 8

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Julkaisun nimi: Adaptation to climate change in the transport sector. FINADAPT Working Paper 8
Tekijä: Saarelainen, Seppo
Kuuluu julkaisusarjaan: Finnish Environment Institute Mimeographs 338 (Suomen ympäristökeskuksen moniste 338)
ISSN: 1455-0792
ISBN: 952-11-2113-0
Tiivistelmä: The vulnerability of Finnish transport networks to climate change impacts depends on the climatic conditions anticipated in the future and the robustness of the transport systems affected. Most foreseeable impacts are taken into account in the current practice of design and construction, but design criteria may have to be changed in the future if extreme weather events intensify. Experiences during recent years, such as the floods in 2004 and 2005, have demonstrated that the Finnish society is not properly prepared for the impacts of extreme events. Adaptation can be seen as a risk and safety assessment considering: contingency planning, structural improvement, improvement to design criteria for new constructions, and enhancing building regulations, guidelines and recommendations. Research needed to improve the capacity to adapt to climate change includes: (i) documentation and technical and economic analysis of damage processes obtained from actual damage cases, (ii) compilation of statistics of available climatic data on critical parameters and the estimation of future changes in extreme values and their probability of occurrence, (iii) analysis of statistics on regional flood levels and occurrence, especially along unregulated watercourses, (iv) development of preventive measures against damage for acute hazards, (v) development of more efficient solutions for the design and construction of transport structures, (vi) development of sustainable road maintenance techniques considering climate change, (vii) development of efficient methods for evaluating and monitoring terrain conditions over large areas, and (viii) development of early warning systems for critical weather events.
Päiväys: 2006
Avainsanat: FINADAPT
Asiasanat (ysa): ilmastonmuutokset

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