Vol. 2: INTER


Acta Translatologica Helsingiensia (ATH) Vol. 2 Inter

Acta Translatologica Helsingiensia (ATH )

is an international series and a multilingual scientific journal with full-length refereed articles published by Swedish Translation Studies at Nordica, Department of Finnish, Finno-Ugric and  Scandinavian Studies, Uni­versity of Helsinki. The goal of this publication is to promote interdisciplinary theoretical, empirical, and applied research on questions with relevance, on the one hand, to the fields of translating and inter­preting, and on the other hand, to Translation and Inter­preting Studies. The series is primarily an elec­tronic publica­tion .

Volume 2, Inter (2013) Ritva Hartama-Heinonen and Pirjo Kukkonen (eds.)


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  • INTER 
    Hartama-Heinonen, Ritva; Kukkonen, Pirjo (University of Helsinki, Nordica /Department of Finnish, Finno-Ugrian and Scandinavian Studies, Swedish Translation Studies, 2013)
    Acta Translatologica Helsingiensia (ATH) Vol. 2