The Global Regulation of Gambling : a General Overview

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Nikkinen , J 2014 , ' The Global Regulation of Gambling : a General Overview ' , Working papers / Department of Sociology , vol. 2014 , no. 3 .

Titel: The Global Regulation of Gambling : a General Overview
Författare: Nikkinen, Janne
Medarbetare: University of Helsinki, Department of Social Research (2010-2017)
Datum: 2014
Språk: eng
Sidantal: 78
Tillhör serie: Working papers / Department of Sociology
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Abstrakt: This contribution explores the institutional arrangements of gambling regulation across the globe on the basis of available literature and electronic sources. The aim is twofold: To find out whether there are differences in how gambling operators address the problems that legalized gambling generates, and how profits are allocated to this endeavor (if they are). In many cases it is difficult to ascertain how the funds are used and whether the country-specific data is accurate, even if it is provided by official sources or (government-sanctioned) monopoly operators. For this reason, the work at hand is only a general review, providing indicators on how to proceed from here to ensure the availability of more accurate information in the future. Some actors in this field are not keen to support studies that would show the full scale of gambling-related problems. Industry-sponsored reports of gambling may exaggerate profits, and downplay the negative aspects. Similarly, governments may choose to sponsor studies that portray gambling problems as concerning individuals, not society. The fact that most research institutions and universities rely on public funding or funds obtained from gambling proceeds to finance relevant studies, is likely to influence almost all research efforts.
Subject: 5141 Sociology
problem gambling
pathological gambling

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