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  • Rajic, Miroslava (2011)
    Globalization is a process which influences most of the world to different extent, and is being defined in greater detail every day, and as such is a popular topic in academic as well as in media and popular discourse, all of which reflects its importance and relevance for the society today. In a sense it is an old process, the scope and influence of which has been increasing in magnitude in last decades through new technologies, new means of communication, and easier travel and mobility. This study deals with definitions and understandings of this complex concept among students at the University of Helsinki. Qualitative interviews were employed to bring to light how students see globalization affecting the world and their lives, and how do they talk about that. Both international and Finnish born students participated in the study. Since main focus of this research was on attitudes, opinions and ideas related to the globalization process and its perceived impact, I employed discourse analysis as a methodological framework. International students and their opinions on identity, consequences of globalization, such as standardization, increased mobility, and interconnectedness are a central part of this study. Also, one part of the study deals with various, often ambiguous feelings that globalization provokes. As a result this research showed various ways of how international students, being a specific social group, understand globalization and their place in the whole process.