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Titel: Chocolat
Författare: Sosiologian laitos; Department of Sociology; Sociologiska institutionen
Datum: 2008-12-03
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Abstrakt: Chocolat (2000, USA) by Lasse Hallström Main Cast: Juliette Binoche; Johnny Depp; Company: Miramax Films The movie tells the stoy of Vianne, who opens a chocolaterie in a small town during Lenten season. She has a hard time at first, as the Comte de Reynaud, who is also the mayor of the town, forbid the village people to visit the store. One by one Vianne managed to “hook” the village people by her chocolate and her view of life. In the end even the stern mayor gives in. Scene: mixed adults adolescent or children wine or champagne nontransgressive in company 1:07:03-1:07:53: alcohol/eating Armende gives a birthday party. There is wine and food on the table. Clip: 132

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