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Title: Platoon
Author: Sosiologian laitos; Department of Sociology; Sociologiska institutionen
Date: 2008-12-03
Abstract: Platoon (1986, USA) by Oliver Stone Main Cast: Charlie Sheen, Willem DaFoe Company: Cinema 86 The movie is about an American platoon in the Vietnam War. The main character is Chris who enlisted himself out of idealistic reasons. The film shows the horrors of war, where oneself and the comrades can become a more dangerous enemy than the VC. Scene: alcohol male adults cannabis Transgressive in company 0:33:58-0:34:54: marihuana/alcohol This scene continues to show Chris’ evening with his squad. They are all smoking pot, drinking alcohol and dancing. Everybody seems to have fun, sings along with the music, and enjoys the night. Marihuana as an illegal drug may lead to the audiences’ conclusion that this is addiction. But on the other side there is presented much fun it is more likely that this is no addiction. Clip: 266 Notes: ME: 2007-08-23: The two parties at base-camp symbolize also the two different squads: Elias’ squad, which does its job at war, but tries to keep up to some values, have a “fun-party”. In comparison Barnes’ squad, just sit, drink, and gamble, showing not much fun while doing this – this squad also commits war crimes.

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