Les Cousins

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Titel: Les Cousins
Författare: Sosiologian laitos; Department of Sociology; Sociologiska institutionen
Datum: 2008-12-03
Permanenta länken (URI): http://hdl.handle.net/10224/4196
Abstrakt: Les Cousins (1959, F) by Claude Chabrol Main Cast: Gérard Blain; Jean-Claude Brialy Company: Ajym Films The film tells the story of Charles from the countryside who comes to Paris to study. He shares apartment with his cousin Paul, who is partying all the time. Scene: alcohol mixed adults tobacco nontransgressive in company 2:07:36-2:11:33: alcohol This scene shows the first part of one of Paul's revelries. Everybody is smoking, drinking and flirting. Still it seems to be a quite exclusive atmosphere, as the guests are dressed well and the flat looks very go-go (at least for the 50ies). Discussion: The consumption will be seen relatively positive. It is a party and everybody seems to have fun. It gets a little bit out of hand, but still seems to be a rather normal party. Clip: 36 (Addictions 4)

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