American Beauty

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Julkaisun nimi: American Beauty
Tekijä: Sosiologian laitos; Department of Sociology; Sociologiska institutionen
Päiväys: 2008-12-04
Tiivistelmä: American Beauty (1999, USA) by Sam Mendes Main Cast: Kevin Spacey; Annette Bening; Company: Dream Works The movie tells the story of Lester Burnham, who is in a midlife crisis. He quits his job, start to workout and smokes pot. In the end he got killed because of a misunderstanding. Scene: drugs male adults cannabis nontransgressive solitary 0:52:49-0:53:50: marihuana Here we can see Lester doing a workout in the garage. He is also smoking pot. Carolyn enters the garage and starts yelling at him, that he is not a good example for their daughter. Considering the ""example-effect"" the audience might consider Lester as a irresponsible person. If the audience see only the film without sounds the judgement should not be that bad. Clip: 62B (Addictions 1)


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