Cast Away

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Julkaisun nimi: Cast Away
Tekijä: Sosiologian laitos; Department of Sociology; Sociologiska institutionen
Päiväys: 2008-12-04
Tiivistelmä: Cast Away (2000, USA) by Robert Zemeckis Main Cast: Tom Hanks; Helen Hunt; Company: Dreamworks Basically the film is a Robinson Crusoe remake. Here Chuck a workaholic is the person, who strands after a plane crash on an unknown island and has to survive on his own. Scene: mixed adults work alcohol 0:16:05-19:55:00: work In this scene Chuck is with his fiancé on a Christmas feast. His beeper starts and he has to go in the middle of the meal. Both are now checking their diaries when they will next meet. They exchange their Christmas presents in the car in front of the airport gate. Discussion: It is a question if this scene is seen as showing addictive behaviour. There are two very busy and successful persons. The fact that Chuck has to leave during the Christmas meal even shows that he is very important, because they have to call for him. Clip: 30 (Addictions 4)


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