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Julkaisun nimi: Casino
Tekijä: Sosiologian laitos; Department of Sociology; Sociologiska institutionen
Päiväys: 2008-12-04
Tiivistelmä: Casino (1995, USA) by Martin Scorsese Main Cast: Robert DeNiro; Sharon Stone; Company: Universal Pictures The movie is about the casino boss Sam Rothstein. It plays in the 70s when the gambling business in Las Vegas was mainly controlled by mafia like cartels. The other main protagonist is Nicky, who is a boss of a gang of criminals, robbing and stealing. Another important character is Ginger, Sam’s wife, who becomes an alcoholic. In the end she seeks help from Nicky and also start an intimate relationship with him. The plot could be describe as rise and fall of gangster and casino bosses. Scene: gambling male adults cards tobacco transgressive 03:57-03:69: gambling The scene plays still in the introduction of the film and the casino. Here a special guest is introduced, as he is very rich and looses a lot of money in the casino. While playing the look of the gambler is indifferent. It seems that neither the loss, nor the win of the game has any emotional result on the player. He is out of very high society and sits at the table with his wife (or lover). The table is reserved only for him, as he is playing there alone. His company is the only one showing a little bit of emotional reaction, when he wins. Discussion: I think this kind of addiction will be seen quite badly, as the person is losing a normal person’s life salary with no sign of regret. There seems to be no sense or joy in playing at all. Clip: 27 (Addictions 4)


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