Honeymoon in Vegas

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Titel: Honeymoon in Vegas
Författare: Sosiologian laitos; Department of Sociology; Sociologiska institutionen
Datum: 2008-12-04
Permanenta länken (URI): http://hdl.handle.net/10224/4494
Abstrakt: Honeymoon in Vegas (1992, USA) by Andrew Bergman Main Cast: Nicolas Cage, Sarah Jessica Parker Company: Castle Rock Entertainment Jack looses in a poker game 65000$ he has borrowed from Tommy. As a payment Tommy wants to spend one weekend with Jack’s girl friend Betsy. In the end Betsy and Jack got married, although Tommy has tried everything that Betsy marries him. Scene: gambling male adults cards alcohol tobacco Transgressive in company money problem 0:21:32-0:26:48 (with intermissions): gambling These scenes show the poker game in which Jack looses 65000$. They sit at a stereotypical gaming table. The people around have leisurewear, but otherwise it is a stereotypical portrayal of a poker game: Serious looking men with sunglasses, one with cigar. At first Jack wins and everybody (except the one with highest losses) is happy. Until then there is no addiction portrayed. The situation changes, when Jack starts to lend more and more money to keep up with the raises. He loses and one can see the panic in his face. Clip: 215

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