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Titel: Factotum
Författare: Sosiologian laitos; Department of Sociology; Sociologiska institutionen
Datum: 2008-12-04
Permanenta länken (URI): http://hdl.handle.net/10224/4496
Abstrakt: Factotum (2005, USA) by Bent Hamer Main Cast: Matt Dillon; Lili Taylor; Company: Arte This movie tells the story of Hank Chinaski a freelance writer. He earns a living by temporary jobs, which he loses because of his lazy attitude and drinking. He ends on the street the very same time a magazine accepts one of his writings, but sends the letter to an old address. Scene: gambling male adults betting nontransgressive in company social problem 0:21:24-0:22:35: gambling Hank and a work mate sneak out from work to go to a race. On the way they drive riskily to make it on time. Clip: 349

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