Short-term Price Behavior and the Effect of Foreign Investors in Finnish Equity Markets (summary section only)

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Titel: Short-term Price Behavior and the Effect of Foreign Investors in Finnish Equity Markets (summary section only)
Author: Mänttäri, Henri
Medarbetare: Svenska handelshögskolan, Institutionen för finansiell ekonomi och ekonomisk statistik, finansiell ekonomi
Nivå: Doktorsavhandling
Tillhör serie: Economics and Society - 147
ISBN: 951-555-886-7
Abstrakt: As globalization and capital free movement has increased, so has interest in the effects of that global money flow, especially during financial crises. The concern has been that large global money flows will affect the pricing of small local markets by causing, in particular, overreaction. The purpose of this thesis is to contribute to the body of work concerning short-term under- and overreaction and the short-term effects of foreign investment flow in the small Finnish equity markets. This thesis also compares foreign execution return to domestic execution return. This study’s results indicate that short-term under- and overreaction occurs in domestic-buy portfolios (domestic net buying) rather than in foreign-buy portfolios. This under- and overreaction, however, is not economically meaningful after controlling for the bid-ask bounce effect. Based on this finding, one can conclude that foreign investors do not have a destabilizing effect in the short-term in the Finnish markets. Foreign activity affects short-term returns. When foreign investors are net buyers (sellers) there are positive (negative) market adjusted returns. Literature related to nationality and institutional effect leads us to expect these kind of results. These foreign flows are persistent at a 5 % to 21 % level and the persistence of foreign buy flow is higher than the foreign sell flow. Foreign daily trading execution is worse than domestic execution. Literature which quantifies foreign investors as liquidity demanders and literature related to front-running leads us to expect poorer foreign execution than domestic execution.
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Datum: 2005-08-02
Subject: short-term underreaction
short-term overreaction
foreign investors
foreign equity flow
price effect
foreign trade execution
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