Use of Standards for CAD Layers in Building

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Titel: Use of Standards for CAD Layers in Building
Author: Howard, Rob; Björk, Bo-Christer
Citation: Automation in Construction, 2007, Vol. 16, pp. 290-297
Abstrakt: One of the central issues in making efficient use of IT in the design, construction and maintenance of buildings is the sharing of the digital building data across disciplines and lifecycle stages. One technology which enables data sharing is CAD layering, which to be of real use requires the definition of standards. This paper focuses on the background, objectives and effectiveness of the International standard ISO 13567, Organisation and naming of layers for CAD. In particular the efficiency and effectiveness of the standardisation and standard implementation process are in focus, rather than the technical details. The study was conducted as a qualitative study with a number of experts who responded to a semi-structured mail questionnaire, supplemented by personal interviews. The main results were that CAD layer standards based on the ISO standard have been implemented, particularly in northern European countries, but are not very widely used. A major problem which was identified was the lack of resources for marketing and implementing the standard as national variations, once it had been formally accepted.
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Datum: 2007
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