The Relationship Between Liquidity, Trading Activity and Return - Studies of the Finnish and Swedish Stock Markets

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Titel: The Relationship Between Liquidity, Trading Activity and Return - Studies of the Finnish and Swedish Stock Markets
Author: Westerholm, Joakim
Medarbetare: Svenska handelshögskolan, Institutionen för finansiell ekonomi och ekonomisk statistik, finansiell ekonomi
Nivå: Doktorsavhandling
Tillhör serie: Economics and Society - 107
ISBN: 951-555-732-1
Abstrakt: Liquidity, or how easy an investment is to buy or sell, is becoming increasingly important for financial market participants. The objective of this dissertation is to contribute to the understanding of how liquidity affects financial markets. The first essays analyze the actions taken by underwriters immediately after listing to improve liquidity of IPO stock. To estimate the impact of underwriter activity on the pricing of the IPOs, the order book during the first weeks of trading in the IPO stock is studied. Evidence of stabilization and liquidity enhancing activities by underwriters is found. The second half of the dissertation is concerned with the daily trading of stocks where liquidity may be impacted by policy issues such as changes in taxes or exchange fees and by opening the access to the markets for foreign investors. The desirability of a transaction tax on securities trading is addressed. An increase in transaction tax is found to cause lower prices and higher volatility. In the last essay the objective is to determine if the liquidity of a security has an impact on the return investors require. The results support the notion that returns are negatively correlated to liquidity.
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Datum: 2002-09-06
Subject: ipo
market microstructure
price support
limit order book
security transaction tax
transaction cost
transaction cost elasticity
liquidity, asset pricing
amortized spreads
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