Changes in structural inequality in Norway spruce stands on peatland sites after water-level drawdown

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Canadian Journal of Forest Research 33: 222-231

Title: Changes in structural inequality in Norway spruce stands on peatland sites after water-level drawdown
Author: Sarkkola, Sakari; Alenius, Virpi; Hökkä, Hannu; Laiho, Raija; Päivänen, Juhani; Penttilä, Timo
Contributor organization: Department of Forest Ecology
Metsäekologian laitos
Skogsekologi, Institutionen för
Publisher: NRC Canada
Date: 2003
Language: eng
Abstract: Size-structural dynamics of naturally established Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) stands growing on peatlands drained for forestry were investigated. The study was based on modelling of diameter at breast height (DBH) distributions of repeatedly measured stands in southern Finland. The Weibull function was used to parameterize the DBH distributions and mixed linear models were constructed to characterize the impacts of different ecological factors on stand dynamics. Initially, the positive skewness of the DBH distributions increased after drainage as a result of increases in stem numbers and a reduction in mean diameters. Simultaneously, the size inequality among trees increased. These changes were due to regeneration and (or) ingrowth and indicated only little competition from the larger trees. Subsequently, the DBH distributions changed from positively skewed to normal and finally to negatively skewed resulting from tree growth and a reduction in the number of small DBH trees. This indicated increased asymmetric intertree competition. Size inequality did not change during this later stage in stand development, suggesting a concurrent component of symmetric competition. Thinnings had little impact on DBH distribution trends. The observed stand dynamics allow the allocation of growth resources to the desired crop component by appropriate silvicultural treatments.
Subject: stand structure
stand dynamics
Picea abies

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