Cadmium in insects after ash fertilization

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Title: Cadmium in insects after ash fertilization
Author: Lodenius, Martin; Josefsson, Jussi; Heliövaara, Kari; Tulisalo, Esa; Nummelin, Matti
Belongs to series: Insect Science - 16 (1)
ISSN: 1672-9609
Abstract: Ash fertilization of forests returns nutrients to forest ecosystems and has a positive effect on soil pH, but it also may elevate Cd concentrations of forest biota. Cadmium concentrations of some forest insects (Formica ants, carabids and Coleopteran larvae from decaying wood) were investigated in southern Finland, where two plots were fertilized with wood ash, while two other plots represented unfertilized control plots. In ants, mean Cd concentration was 3.6 ± 1.4 mg/kg, with nest workers having significantly higher concentrations than workers trapped in pitfall traps. Concentrations at fertilized and unfertilized plots were similar. In carabid beetles, the average Cd concentration of Carabus glabratus was 0.44 ± 0.36 mg/kg, with no significant difference between control plots and fertilized plots. In another carabid beetle, Pterostichus niger, mean Cd concentration was higher at fertilized plots compared to control plots. We conclude that the variation of Cd concentrations in the insects studied is more efficiently controlled by species-specific differences than fertilization history of the forest floor.
Date: 2009-01
Subject: bioaccumulation, cadmium, Carabidae, Coleoptera, fertilization, Formica, wood ash

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