Effect of fertilization on dry mass accumulation and nutrient cycling in Scots pine on an ombrotrophic bog.

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Acta Forestalia Fennica. 1991. 223:1-42.

Title: Effect of fertilization on dry mass accumulation and nutrient cycling in Scots pine on an ombrotrophic bog.
Alternative title: Lannoituksen vaikutus männyn kuivamassan kertymään ja ravinteiden kiertoon ombrotrofisella rämeellä.
Author: Finér, Leena
Publisher: The Society of Forestry in Finland - The Finnish Forest Research Institute
Date: 1991
Language: en
ISSN: 0001-5636
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1975/9329
Abstract: The effects of PK (plus Ca, Mg, S, Cl and B) and NPK (plus Ca, Mg, S, Cl and B) were studied (1984-87) in an 85-yr-old Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) stand growing on a drained low-shrub pine bog in E. Finland. Fertilizer was applied in spring 1985. The amounts of elements applied (kg/ha) were: N 150, P 53, K 100, Ca 135, Mg 25, S 28, Cl 95 and B 2.4. The total dry mass of the stand before fertilizer application was 78 t/ha, of which above-ground compartments accounted for 69%. The annual above-ground dry mass production was 6.3 t/ha. The study period was too short to detect any fertilizer response in stems. Foliar and cone dry mass increased after NP or NPK fertilizer application, the dry mass of living branches increased after NPK fertilizer and the dry mass of dead branches decreased after PK or NPK fertilizer. The total dry mass accumulation was not affected. Trees in a control plot (no fertilizer) took up the following nutrient amounts annually from the soil (kg/ha): N 15.6, Ca 12.8, K 4.1, P 1.3, Mg 1.7, S 1.5 and Mn 1.5. The annual uptake of Fe, Zn, Cu and B was 510, 130, 70 and 50 g/ha, respectively. More than 50% of the nutrient uptake (except K and Fe) was released in litterfall. Fertilized stands accumulated more N, P, K and B. Fertilizer application inhibited the uptake of Mn and Ca.
Subject: Pinus sylvestris

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