Heating values of the above ground biomass of small-sized trees.

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Acta Forestalia Fennica. 1993. 236: 1-30.

Title: Heating values of the above ground biomass of small-sized trees.
Alternative title: Pienikokoisten puiden maanpäällisen biomassan lämpöarvot.
Author: Nurmi, Juha
Publisher: The Society of Forestry in Finland - The Finnish Forest Research Institute
Date: 1993
Language: en
ISSN: 0001-5636
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1975/9342
Abstract: The heating values of wood, inner and outer bark, and foliage components of seven small-size tree species were studied. Significant differences were found between species within each component. However, the differences between species for weighted stem, crown and whole-tree biomass are very small. The weighted heating value of the crown mass is slightly higher than that of the stem in all species. The heating value of stem, crown and whole-tree material was found to increase with increasing latitude. The effective heating value of wood correlated best with the lignin content, inner bark with carbohydrate, and outer bark with carbohydrates and the extractives soluble in alcalic solvents. It is suggested that the determination of the heating value might be used as an indicator of the cellulose content of coniferous wood.
Subject: bark, biomass, energy value, foliage, fuels, wood, heating value, small-sized trees, whole-tree biomass, wood chemistry

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