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University of Helsinki doctoral dissertation form

Step 2/4: Submitting the information

The headings of the mandatory fields are in bold letters and marked with an asterisk (*). Instructions are in brackets and in italics next to the field concerned. When you have filled in the form, click the Preview button at the end of the form. You will then be directed to a page, which lists the information you have submitted. At his point you can easily check the information, and also print it. If necessary, you can return to the previous stage to correct eventual mistakes. If you need help with the form or would like to give feedback, please contact Helsinki university library (, 02941 44584).

Personal details
(e.g. M.Sc.)

(The telephone number will not be published, but may be needed as contact information.)

Public discussion

(Please fill in the exact location, for instance Biokeskus 2, auditorio 1041, Viikinkaari 5)

(Please fill in the link to the Unitube or Zoom stream of the public discussion)

(The information will be shown in the University’s calendar of events)

(last name, first name)
(last name, first name)
(last name, first name)
General information of the dissertation

(The alternative title is the one in Finnish if that is not the language of the dissertation, or if it is, the alternative title is the English one.)

Doctoral canditate's faculty, doctoral program and field of science

(Faculty which have given the permission to defend the dissertation. Optional name of department unit can be typed in the unit field. The unit is typed in using the language (Finnish, English or Swedish) of the dissertation.)

(In this field you can type in other research institutions in which dissertation work was carried out, for instance independent institutes within University of Helsinki and/or institutions outside University of Helsinki. Please, use the language of the dissertation. If you would like to include more than one research institution, use the semi-colon between them; for instance: University of Tampere, Faculty of Information Sciences, Department of Computer Sciences; University of Helsinki, Institute of Biotechnology.)

Please choose one to six fields of science which describe your dissertation (national classification by the Ministry of Education and Culture). The information will used in the reporting of University’s research.

  • 1 Natural sciences
    • 117 Geography, Environmental sciences
    • 118 Biological sciences
      • 1183 Plant biology, microbiology, virology
  • 2 Engineering and technology
  • 3 Medical and Health sciences
    • 311 Basic medicine
    • 312 Clinical medicine
    • 314 Health sciences
  • 4 Agricultural sciences
    • 411 Agriculture and forestry
  • 5 Social sciences
    • 514 Sociology
    • 517 Political science
    • 520 Other social sciences
  • 6 Humanities
    • 612 Languages and Literature
    • 613 Arts
    • 616 Other humanities
(last name, first name)
(last name, first name)
(last name, first name)
Information of printed dissertation
(e.g. 978-952-10-3672-9)
(e.g. 1235-0621)
Electronic dissertation
(e.g. 978-952-10-3673-6)

(This field is mandatory only if the dissertation is published in electronic form)

(e.g. 1455-0849)

(Scientific abstract is the abstract in English. Please leave an empty line between paragraphs. The abstract can be typed in or copied and pasted. Recommended maximum length is one page (2400 characters).)

(Popular abstract is the abstract in Finnish or Swedish. Please leave an empty line between paragraphs. The abstract can be typed in or copied and pasted. Recommended maximum length is one page (2400 characters).)

(For the press release, you can tell about yourself within the limits of one paragraph: your date and place of birth, high school you graduated etc.)