Interruption and Uncooperativeness in Academic ELF Group Work : An Application of Linear Unit Grammar

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Title: Interruption and Uncooperativeness in Academic ELF Group Work : An Application of Linear Unit Grammar
Author: Carey, Ray
Contributor: University of Helsinki, Faculty of Arts, Department of Modern Languages
Publisher: Helsingfors universitet
Date: 2011
Thesis level: master's thesis
Abstract: This study addresses the challenge of analyzing interruption in spoken interaction. It begins with my observation of eight hours of academic group work among speakers of English as a lingua franca (ELF) in a university course. Unlike the common findings of ELF research which underscore the cooperative orientation of ELF users, this particular group gave strong impressions of interruption and uncooperativeness as they prepared a scientific group presentation. In the effort to investigate these impressions, I found that no satisfactory method exists for systematically identifying and analyzing interruptions. A useful tool was found in Linear Unit Grammar or LUG (Sinclair & Mauranen 2006), which analyzes spoken interaction prospectively as linear text. In the course of transcribing one of the early group work meetings, I developed a model of LUG-based criteria for identifying individual instances of interruption. With this system in place, I was then able to evaluate the aggregate occurrences of interruption in the group work and identify co-occurring interactive features which further influenced the perception of uncooperativeness. Finally, these aggregate statistics directed a return to the data and a contextually sensitive, qualitative analysis. This research cycle illuminates the interactive features which contributed to my own impressions of uncooperativeness, as well as the group members orientations to their own interruptive practice.
Discipline: English philology
Englantilainen filologia
Engelsk filologi
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