The Christian Doctrine on the Trinity by Cyril of Jerusalem

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Title: The Christian Doctrine on the Trinity by Cyril of Jerusalem
Author: Muchimba, Clever
Other contributor: Helsingin yliopisto, Teologinen tiedekunta
University of Helsinki, Faculty of Theology
Helsingfors universitet, Teologiska fakulteten
Publisher: Helsingin yliopisto
Date: 2019
Language: eng
Thesis level: master's thesis
Discipline: Systemaattinen teologia
Systematic theology
Systematik teologi
Abstract: This study focuses on the exegesis of Cyril of Jerusalem, a mid-fourth century exegete, a Church Father, a catechist and a teacher. The main primary sources of my thesis are the Catechetical lectures of Cyril of Jerusalem, a legacy which he left behind for us. The main purpose of Cyril’s Lenten lectures was not meant for academicians but for the catechumens who were to undergo baptism, and the last five lectures, also known as Mystagogical catecheses were for the newly baptised. These lectures also served as a refresher course to those who were already baptised. The lectures of Cyril remain valuable even in our present time. The kind of exegesis Cyril applied shows us how a fourth-century theologian thought and taught the Word of God using different means like the images and the topography. It also helps us to understand and how people believed and worshipped God in the early Church. The main objective of my thesis is on finding out, especially in Lecture IV of the Catechetical Lectures, what is Cyril's doctrine on God as expressed in his creed (the Jerusalem creed). Cyril was a catechist and an advocate for baptism and Christian initiations while using the Jerusalem Creed and not that of Nicaea. Cyril used his rhetoric skills and appealed to the Scripture by following the biblical narratives to convey his message to his audience. My intention is to show how Cyril understood the Trinity and how he related it to salvation. I will make assessments whether he was an Arian or not as some wrongly portrayed him to be. Hence, the final aim of this study is to elevate Cyril by promoting his legacy mainly through his lectures. For Cyril, the Scripture was more reliable and essential in bringing faith to people than human wisdom. The Cross narrative was the climax of his message, and he used it to deepen the faith of his audience and for promoting Jerusalem as a Holy City.
Subject: Cyril of Jerusalem
Holy Spirit
Catechetical Lectures

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