Role of Extension Services as institutional structure of governance in biomass production for energy purpose

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Title: Role of Extension Services as institutional structure of governance in biomass production for energy purpose
Author: Assom, Luigi
Date: 2007
Abstract: This study focuses on the role of Extension Institution in Bio Energy as structure of governance for sustainable use of biomass in rural development.Theoretical approach is derived from New Institution Economics, practice approach benefit by the contribution of main Finnish extension services “Pro Agria”. The study overviews food security and wood fuel use as linkages to bio energy sector. Cooperation for governance of resources and environment is discussed, considering transaction costs and property rights. Under this point of view the Clean Development Mechanism is introduced, as a tool combining bio energy production and environmental purposes; legal aspects and participation planning by community are described. Planning, information and improving self-organisation of governance for management of biomass and natural resources are functions analysed through the Finnish extension services and experiences made on field in Finnish countryside. Co-operatives and networking of producers of biomass for heating and/or electrification are structure of governance discussed from data gathered on field; and hypothesis under broad thresholds is done. Considerations derived from theory and Finnish experience are finally applied to a pattern of economy in transition, specifically to Republic of Moldova; impact that Extension Services can have for sustainability of bio energy production for energy and/or heating purposes in rural areas are reported as conclusions, considering small network of producers.
Description: Università degli Studi di Padova Interfacoltà di cooperazione allo sviluppo Curricola "Sviluppo Rurale" Tesi di laurea in cooperazione allo sviluppo
Subject: governance
system of values
stakeholder analysis
energy plants
resource planning
extension services
prosumer networks
clean development mechanism
transition economies
Rights: CC BY 4.0

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