Playing God : essays on bioethics

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Title: Playing God : essays on bioethics
Author: Häyry, Matti
Publisher: Yliopistopaino
Date: 2001
ISBN: 951-570-495-2
Abstract: Doctors, nurses and scientists have often been accused of ‘playing God’ in life-and-death decisions, reproductive medicine and genetics. The tenor of this book is that the same accusation can be extended to ethicists and public decision-makers who refuse to examine the is­ sues analytically before they pass their judgements. In many cases, they are the jealous gods who obstruct the voyage of honest philoso­phers and bioethicists who desperately try to find their home island of intellectual zeal and emotional security in the stormy sea of high feeling and firmly held prejudice.HUOM! Pdf ei näy oikein Firefox-selaimen sisäistä pluginia käytettäessä. Avaa se erillisellä pdf-lukuohjelmalla.This pdf is displayed incorrectly in Firefox pdf-plugin. Open it with a separate pdf-viewing program.
Subject (ysa): etiikka
gene technology
gene tests
Rights: Creative Commons -lisenssi (CC BY 4.0)

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