Nordic homicide in deep time : lethal violence in the early modern era and present times

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Title: Nordic homicide in deep time : lethal violence in the early modern era and present times
Author: Kivivuori, Janne; Rautelin, Mona; Netterstrøm, Jeppe Büchert; Lindström, Dag; Bergsdóttir, Guðbjörg S.; Jónasson, Jónas O.; Lehti, Martti; Granath, Sven; Okholm, Mikkel M.; Karonen, Petri
Publisher: Helsinki University Press
Date: 2022
Language: eng
Number of pages: 376
ISBN: 978-952-369-063-9
Abstract: Nordic Homicide in Deep Time draws a unique, detailed picture of developments in human violence and presents new findings on homicide in Northern Europe in two eras – the 17th century and early 21st century. The book provides answers to questions, such as where and when did homicide typically occur, who were the victims and the offenders, and what were the circumstances of their conflicts? Additionally, it offers an empirically grounded view on how state consolidation and changing routines of everyday life transformed the patterns of criminal homicide in the Nordics. This publication is also a methodological experiment. When developing a new approach for extending homicide research into the deep past, the authors created a new instrument, the Historical Homicide Monitor. This tool combines wide explanatory scope, measurement standardization, and articulated theory expression. By retroactively expanding research data to the pre-statistical era, the method enables long-duration comparison of different periods and areas. Written by an interdisciplinary team of criminologists and historians for professionals, students and anyone interested in the history of human behaviour, Nordic Homicide in Deep Time helps the reader to understand modern homicide by revealing the historical continuities and changes in lethal violence.
Subject (yso): Northern Europe
Rights: CC BY-NC 4.0

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