Additions to the moss flora of the Taita Hills and Mount Kasigau, Kenya

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Enroth , J , Nyqvist , P , Malombe , I , Pellikka , P & Rikkinen , J 2013 , ' Additions to the moss flora of the Taita Hills and Mount Kasigau, Kenya ' , Polish Botanical Journal , vol. 58 , no. 2 , pp. 495-510 .

Title: Additions to the moss flora of the Taita Hills and Mount Kasigau, Kenya
Author: Enroth, Johannes; Nyqvist, Petri; Malombe, Itambo; Pellikka, Petri; Rikkinen, Jouko
Contributor: University of Helsinki, Biosciences
University of Helsinki, Department of Geosciences and Geography
University of Helsinki, Biosciences
Date: 2013-12
Language: eng
Number of pages: 16
Belongs to series: Polish Botanical Journal
ISSN: 1641-8190
Abstract: Based on our recent collections we report 43 moss species as new to the Taita Hills and Mount Kasigau in SE Kenya, 15 of the species being also new to the country. The number of moss species known from the region rises from the previously reported 85 to 128, and from 506 to 521 for the whole country. The most noteworthy findings are Fissidens splendens Brugg.-Nann., previously known only from Tanzania, and Barbella capillicaulis (Renauld & Cardot) Cardot var. capillicaulis (Renauld & Cardot) Cardot, previously reported from Mauritius, Madagascar and Uganda. The taxa reported represent the families Anomodontaceae (1 sp.), Brachytheciaceae (3 spp.), Calymperaceae (3 spp.), Dicranaceae (8 spp.), Erpodiaceae (1 sp.), Fissidentaceae (3 spp.), Hedwigiaceae (1 sp.), Hookeriaceae (1 sp.), Hypnaceae (3 spp.), Leucodontaceae (1 sp.), Meteoriaceae (3 spp.), Neckeraceae (5 spp.), Orthotrichaceae (1 sp.), Pilotrichaceae (1 sp.), Polytrichaceae (1 sp.), Pterigynandraceae (1 sp.), Pterobryaceae (2 spp.), Pylaisiadelphaceae (1 sp.), Sematophyllaceae (1 sp.), Stereophyllaceae (1 sp.), and Thuidiaceae (1 sp.).
Subject: 1181 Ecology, evolutionary biology
bryofloristics, mosses, Africa

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