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Title: Casino
Author: Sosiologian laitos; Department of Sociology; Sociologiska institutionen
Date: 2008-12-03
Abstract: Casino (1995, USA) by Martin Scorsese Main Cast: Robert DeNiro; Sharon Stone; Company: Universal Pictures The movie is about the casino boss Sam Rothstein. It plays in the 70s when the gambling business in Las Vegas was mainly controlled by mafia like cartels. The other main protagonist is Nicky, who is a boss of a gang of criminals, robbing and stealing. Another important character is Ginger, Sam’s wife, who becomes an alcoholic. In the end she seeks help from Nicky and also start an intimate relationship with him. The plot could be describe as rise and fall of gangster and casino bosses. Scene: alcohol female adults strong tobacco transgressive in company social problem 17:17-17:35: alcohol Before this scene an article about Sam is published in the newspapers. Sam has to meet Nicky. While waiting Ginger, already drunk, takes another glass of booze. She is more in the background, but Sam anyway wants her to leave before his business meeting starts. She does not want to leave, but is to drunk to avoid being guided to the staircases. She cannot walk properly and nearly falls down the staircases. Discussion: The audience will feel on the one hand pity for her, as she is not in control of the easiest tasks (e.g. walking). On the other hand she is a woman having a lot of money and should use it and her time better. Or perhaps even some kind of schadenfreude may arise, because the spoilt rich girl now not gets everything (e.g. sobriety). Clip: 28 (Addictions 4)

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