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Title: Trainspotting
Author: Sosiologian laitos; Department of Sociology; Sociologiska institutionen
Date: 2008-12-04
Abstract: Trainspotting (1995, UK) by Danny Boyle Main Cast: Ewan McGregor, Ewan Bremner Company: Figment Films The movie is about Renton a young drug addict. He and his gang is going through all the stages of addictive behaviour. Ending up steeling and robbing for the drug. They finally got caught. Renton starts a recovery program and gets finally clean. He starts a job in London but looses it, because his former friends visit him and get him into trouble at his work. In the end they get 16000£ for a drug deal. Renton is leaving with the money and wants to start an ordinary life. Scene: heroin male adults hard drugs Transgressive solitary 0:43:27-0:45:02 In this scene Renton uses heroine. The dealer is offering him his needle like a waiter in a noble restaurant. The injection itself is shown very clearly and the audience can see how the needle gets into the vein. Discussion: The presentation of the use of the needle will cause critical reaction of the audience. On the other side the offer for the needle seems very chic. Hence this is also a kind of positive picture of drug consumption. It is not like the stereotypic image of addicts using needles several times or even sharing them. Clip: 31 (Addictions 4) Notes: PS: 2007-08-13: Five male friends use heroin, some girls are involved too. The main character wants to quit, makes an attempt. The beginning scene where he dives into the toilet seat is really disgusting. The rest of the scenes, of which there are very many, are less bad. Withdrawals are described as more terrifying than anything you could imagine in the old Hollywood alcoholism films with DT etc. Parents help, he starts a career in real estate in London. His friends get a 1 kg load of heroin; need his competence to test it (danger!!!!) but no problem. They sell if for big money, they party in a pub, get drunk and he takes all the money, leaving some to the most sympathetic guy. There is very little to explain the title of the film and I missed it. Why trainspotting? –Again: lots of competence mixed with social exclusion and hypocritical bohemianism (avoiding work) in the beginning, hitting the bottom and one with terrible will overcomes the one-time suffering test from withdrawal. The film ends with complacent acceptance of bourgeois values….

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